Expedited Team

Expedited Team

As a carrier, we understand that speed is a top priority for our clients.

Cirrus Enterprise offers the best complete suite of transportation solutions to move goods as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Our expedited team specializes in time sensitive delivery, like foods and other supplies. We transport foods and products faster, translating to cost savings and security for high-value loads. Our expedited team units are manned by hundreds of experienced drivers who travel with urgency and safety in mine, making us one of the most reliable carriers in the region.

Our expedited team consists of promoted professionals with several years of experience working with tractors and trailers. We comply to the most recent safety compliance categories, with hazmat trained employees. Our carriers are fixed with the latest GPS systems, with a load and offloading procedure to ensure timely delivery.

Efficiently and Safely Have Your Goods Delivered

Request a quote from our logistic specialists. We strive on providing cost effective solutions to our clients.