Refrigerated Trucks

Cirrus Enterprises transports a large number of temperature sensitive goods, with our fleet having the latest technology to ensure proper temperature control.

Our dry van service is complemented with the versatility of temperature control transportation, allowing us to deliver raw products for delivery in our region. As one of our clients, you can take comfort knowing that your product will stay stable during transportation, with very little offloading en-route. Typically, the only offloading happens at the final destination, ensuring that sensitive products are delivered without getting ruined or spoiled. Many of our high profile clients hold very strict standards, with us meeting the expectation and going beyond the call of duty. With this in mind, we can operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

When you partner up with Cirrus Enterprise, we are adding value to your service and your customers. Our temperature controlled carriers, and our track record of excellence, will spotlight us as the truck loading service of choice. We take great pride in our employees, our transportation protocols, and our work environment - and so will you.

Efficiently and Safely Have Your Goods Delivered

Request a quote from our logistic specialists. We strive on providing cost effective solutions to our clients.