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Why Cirrus?

Cirrus Enterprise has underlined the importance of customer service, with our clients coming back to us repeatedly to experience the best in class transportation solutions, spearheaded by a culture that recognizes the type of personable customer service that fosters trust.

Cirrus Enterprise emphasizes the importance of safety for our transportation vehicles and personnel, with a code of ethics that allow personnel to quickly connect with customers and connect them with a viable solution to their transportation needs. You'll find that our staff has a ready and willing attitude that is augmented by a dedication teamwork and organizational cohesiveness. We believe that a company that wants to be prominent and viable needs to show ethics, respect, and a sense of accountability - these are a code of ethics that will stand the test of time.

Code of Conduct

The Cirrus Enterprise corporate culture includes promoting and underlining professional conduct and expecting it every member, including board members, peripheral staff, and employees. One of our highest values is expecting the highest level of standards, with all business meetings being conducted ethically, with employees and involved parties showing reverence for themselves, others, and the industry. Our code of conduct will ensure that all employees deliver their absolute best at all times, with Cirrus Enterprise's employees holding a critical role, as they are the bridge between our services and tentative customers. Our code of conduct also underlines the importance of stakeholders, ensuring that corporate governance is empowered and enacted in the stakeholder's best interest.

Comply With Applicable Regulations At the State and Federal level.

Even when outside of regulation, you can rely on Cirrus Enterprise to act in good faith, with competence and due diligence from beginning to end. The misrepresentation of material facts are not allowed, allowing independent judgment to be spotlighted.

  • Confidentiality of information is important to us, maintaining the privacy of information that we obtain throughout the course of our work.
  • Adequate training for our employees. We understand the value of our staff, and how they are the first point of contact for many clients, old and new.
  • Ethical, viable, and efficient behavior is rewarded via proactive promotions, ensuring expertise and professionalism in and outside of the work environment.
  • All equipment has electronic logs install, allowing to maintain federal and state compliance in real time.
  • We value are drivers and the necessary downtime it takes to get your shipment to your destination safely.

Mission and Values

Honesty and ethical conduct are the cornerstones when handling personal and professional relationships. Compliance with provisions means that all conflict of interest will be mandated by the appropriate employer, using company policies and recommendations by the Board of Directors to rectify any concerns.

Safety & Security

Cirrus Enterprises promises a commitment to a culture of high-quality standards, ensuring safety for employees, the public, customers, and our technicians. Safety and security will permanently be a mainstay in our culture, with policies and procedures stemming from this promise.

Efficiently and Safely Have Your Goods Delivered

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